HVIT Party Wrap Up and End of Season Letter

Dear Tennis Loving Members of HVIT,

A big thank you to everyone who attended the year end party! A special thanks to everyone who brought food and drink.

We are now closed for the winter season. We have loved having everyone
at the club for our second season. We would just like to pass along
some news regarding summer play at the club as well as our plans for
moving forward.

Just like last summer, the club will often be open on rainy days. Just
contact us at either of the email addresses below if you would like to
book a court on a rainy day. We will do our best to accommodate
everyone. We will no longer be sending out “rainy day” emails.

On many Saturday and Sunday mornings between now and the beginning of
the winter season, you will find the intrepid owners of HVIT playing
(and just hanging out!) from 8am-12pm. If there are members who would
like to play on the other court during that time frame (whether it is
raining or not), please contact us.

We are also considering staying open one day a week over the summer
months – regardless of the weather. If there are members out there who
would prefer to play indoors year round just drop us a note and tell
us what day(s) might work for you. If we get enough responses for a
particular day we will probably try out this idea for one year and see
how it works.

The summer court rate for ALL of the above scenarios (rainy days,
weekend mornings, etc) is $36 per hour regardless of the day or time.
All normal club guest fees will apply.

We also wanted to mention a couple of issues we have had at the club:

–we would like all children who are in the clubhouse to be supervised
at all times. We have had days where ten or twelve young children were
left unattended – or with only one parent here – for up to 30 minutes
prior to their lesson. This is not an acceptable practice.

–we would like members who are going to court #2 (the far court) to
make sure to follow basic tennis etiquette when crossing court #1. If
possible, make sure all members of the group are together and ready to
cross. Wait until the point is over on court #1, and then open the
door and cross as quickly as possible directly across the court. If
players are practicing or taking a lesson, you can simply open the
door and go behind the curtain at any time. If you are at all
uncertain when to cross, just ask whoever is working at the desk to
help you.

We will be making several improvements to the club and courts over the
summer. Stay tuned for more news!

James and Matt

HVITennis@gmail.com or matt@canzonetti.com

Late – If Any – Opening on Monday 2/9/15!

Dear Members:

Well, it only seems to snow on Mondays! HVIT will be definitely be closed this morning (2/9/15) until at least 1pm. Anyone who is scheduled to play this morning should spend the morning shoveling and/or sleeping. If you have a match from 1pm to closing today, please check back to the website to see if we have re-opened. If you have a contract with us and do not get to play today, you will, of course, be given a court credit. All credits needs to be used by May 3, 2015. We will be watching the forecast carefully. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, would like to cancel a later match, etc.

Matt and James

Oh No! Another Snow Day! HVIT Closes on Monday 2/2/15

Dear Members, we are sorry to say that the club will be closing for the day on Monday 2/2/15 due to the prediction of very snowy weather. Feel free to email either James or myself if the weather looks like it is improving later in the day on Monday. However, for now, we are officially closed for the day. We will be reopening on Tuesday morning 8am.

Happy Holidays!!

Dear Members, we will be closed on 12/24 and 12/25 to celebrate the holidays. However, we WILL BE OPEN on 12/31 and New Years Day if you would like to book a court. It will feel great to run around after all of the eating and celebrating. Please email us at hvitennis@gmail.com and we will line up a time for you.

Please Don’t Speed Into The Club!!!

We would like to remind every one of you to not speed into the tennis club property. We are getting negative feedback from our very nice neighbors. Please give yourself a little extra time in getting to your tennis match. It is better to arrive early and relax a little before playing. Thank you.

The 2014-2015 Season Is Here!

Hello to all of our tennis lovers! We want to officially welcome you back to Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis for the upcoming 2014-2015 winter season.

We open Sunday, October 5th. We will be open every day with the exceptions of Thanksgiving and Christmas until Saturday, May 2nd. There will be no contract play on New Years Day, but we will be open for business on that day for those who want to get some exercise in the new year.

We will be collecting everyone’s membership fees on their first
play of the year. The membership fee (as well as all other fees) remains the same as last year: $50. Everyone who plays at the club who is over 18 years of age must pay a membership fee; this includes players taking lessons and players in the World Team Tennis League.

Members who are part of a contract group(s) will be given their
invoice (including their membership fee) on their first play of the year. Please bring your checkbooks!

Currently our World Team Tennis “B” league is a little short of
players. This very entertaining Friday group (5:30pm-7:30pm) is
set up for men and women who fall into a USTA ranking of roughly 2.5-3.5. If you are interested in joining this league, please contact Donna Viertel at donna@ulstercountypress.com.

If you are looking for lessons, there are two very good pros who teach at Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis. You can contract them directly if you have any questions or would like to set up a lesson: Shawn Holzmann can be reached at shawnh26@gmail.com. Karen Gill can be reached at karengill8@aol.com.

Finally, a few notes regarding the club rules:

—Please, please, please either carry clean tennis shoes into the club and put them on here, or – if you wear your tennis shoes into the club – please wipe them thoroughly on the indoor and outdoor mats that are provided. This is particularly true of our young future tennis stars who often run onto the courts with dirty shoes. We are going to be quite a bit tougher enforcing this policy. We would hate for people
– and particularly children – to go home unhappy due to not being allowed on the court.

—No food or beverages are allowed on the courts except for water.

—We would also like to remind you to respect our neighbor at the end of Old Neighborhood Road. Please drive slowly and careful when entering and exiting the facility.

We wish everyone a fantastic indoor tennis season! See you soon.

James and Matt

Winter Is Coming…to HVIT

Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis is now taking reservations for contract time for the coming season. Most of our great members have already reconfirmed their slots for the 2014-2015 winter tennis season. For those of you who have not, please shoot us an email and let us know you would like to hold onto your time slot.

We still have some excellent time slots available for those who have been looking to play every week through the months of inclement weather. For example, 8am-10am is available on Monday mornings. There is at least one court available most of the day on Wednesdays until 4pm. You could customize your slot! There is also time available on Tuesdays evenings starting at 7:30pm and on Wednesday and Thursday evenings starting at 8pm. Finally, there is contract time available on Sunday afternoons – a great time to get out and get some exercise!

Hope all of our great members are enjoying the summer and playing lots of tennis!

James and Matt