See You Next Fall!!!

Dear Tennis Loving Members,

Our third season at Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis is winding down and by all accounts it has been a smashing success. Perhaps inspired by the re-surfacing of the courts at the beginning of the season, many of you have shown considerable improvement in your games. A spirit of light-hearted but focused attention has been the recurring theme in many of your games, which has added immeasurably to the upbeat atmosphere of the club.

We are proud to announce that all work is now complete on our 168 panel solar array. The 58 kilowatt system is about to be turned on. We all share in the satisfaction of knowing that we are reducing our carbon footprint while we play in the most energy efficient club in the Hudson Valley.

We will be doing our annual Lost and Found Giveaway in the next few days. If you have left something at the club in the last 6 months, now is the time to come and retrieve it before it goes to a new home!

Planning for next year has already begun. First and foremost is the scheduling. As usual, those of you who have a current contract time slot(s) will have first right of refusal for that time period. The earlier you can let us know your intentions for next season, the more expeditiously we can proceed with the scheduling for everyone else.

If you are looking for a time slot for which you did not have a contract during the 2015-2016 season, please get that request to us as early as possible. Priority for such requests will be given based upon the order they are received.

Finally, we want to remind everyone that although we will not be open on a daily basis again until October 2nd, members are more than welcome to email us if they would like to play indoor tennis this summer. Feel free to email us on a rainy day when your outdoor tennis becomes washed out. Our email address is: If there are any members who would like a regular summer indoor court time, please let us know. We might be able to accomodate you.

Thanks again to each and every one of you. Have a wonderful summer!

James and Matt

Members looking for others to join their doubles groups – how about you?

We have more and more members joining every year. We are thrilled how many area tennis players have found our club and are enjoying winter tennis.

We have two women’s tennis groups that are being formed and that are looking for players to join them for some doubles. One group is essentially for beginners who are interested in becoming better and want to do more than take lessons. The other group is a little more advanced and is for women intermediate players (USTA rating of roughly 2.5-3.0). Please contact the club by email (preferred) or phone if you might be interested.

A reminder to all members: please drive slowly into the facility and PLEASE make sure to carry your tennis shoes into the club (or very thoroughly clean your tennis shoes on our mats if they have been used outside).


Matt and James