2020-2021 Indoor Tennis Season at HVIT

Dear Members,

We hope all of you have been well and had a safe Spring and Summer during these unprecedented times. We know quite a few of you have been able to return to playing tennis outdoors where the ability to stay safe seems to be possible if the right precautions are taken. 

At Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis we have been working diligently to come up with a plan for members to play indoor tennis this coming winter season. There will be a number of new rules in place that will make playing indoors safer for all of us. Since the situation is still quite fluid, we will outline these changes in an email sent out at the beginning of August. 

As of right now, we expect to open on schedule on October 4, 2020. This assumes that coronavirus cases are still completely under control in our area. It also assumes we have the go-ahead from state and county officials that we are permitted to open our doors. 

We ask everyone to be smart and stay vigilant. 


James and Matt