2021-2022 Indoor Season Is Rapidly Approaching!!

To all members:

As the 2021-2022 season approaches, we would like to update everyone on our new health and safety protocols as well as other club rules:

we expect a return to essentially normal operations this coming season. Opening day is Sunday, October 3.

everyone entering the club (including those ages 12-17) will need to show proof of vaccination. Once you have shown proof, you are all set for the season (or until the CDC authorizes booster shots). The only exceptions will be children under the age of 12.

no children are allowed in the clubhouse except on their way to the courts. We have had numerous issues with children in past years and have decided this is the only way to proceed. If parents come to use a court (or have a lesson) and arrive with children, they will be asked to leave.

-please remember to carry clean tennis shoes into the club and put them on once inside. If you must wear outside shoes into the facility, please clean them extra thoroughly on the outdoor and indoor mats provided.

We are very much looking forward to a full, healthy and enjoyable indoor season with every one of you!

Matt and James