About HVIT

About the facility

Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis provides two DecoTurf(R) hard courts. These cushioned courts are used at the US Open and are much easier on the knees and hips. The facility design has silent indirect heat, plus the highest grade professional-level lighting, that provides the best possible viewing of the ball. Additionally, it is very difficult to strike the lights with the ball during a point. There is ample space around the courts and extra-high ceilings. It is intended to be the finest indoor tennis facility in the Hudson Valley.

The clubhouse design features an elevated viewing area with comfortable seating and a floor-to-ceiling wall of glass overlooking the courts. Locker rooms are well-appointed. The club has a fireplace and flat screen TV (showing tennis as often as we can). We believe we have an atmosphere that not only promotes great play but is welcoming and comfortable for visiting. Arrive early for your game or linger afterward to chat about tennis, or watch a match.

Service will be a part of the HVIT experience – you will meet at least one of the owners most days at the facility. We will be personally dedicated to the club’s success. We have made local connections for you – stringers, teaching pros, and more.

About the owners

HVIT is the dream facility of two avid tennis players, Matt Canzonetti and James Steinberg. Our backgrounds are in real estate appraising and law, respectively. However, after our families, our love is tennis.

Our personal tennis histories include continuous play from our Rutgers University (James) and Bard College (Matt) playing days, all the way to current local tournaments. We play as many days a week as our schedules (and bodies) allow us to.

As long-term residents of the area – James in Rhinebeck, Matt in Woodstock – we are happy on any day to trade personal tennis stories with you. Be forewarned that that our stories go pretty far back! We love to talk doubles strategy.

Photo: Matt (L) and James (R) at the 2013 Ulster County Open/Dick Smith Memorial