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2021-2022 Season Is Upon Us

Opening day is October 3, 2021. We plan to close on April 30, 2022 unless weather related make-ups are necessary.

The club is sold out in terms of available court time, but there will be occasional openings, so feel free to check back to the website or make sure you are on our email list.

Everyone entering HVIT this season needs to show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Once it is shown once, you are good to go for the rest of the season.

Masks are required at all times while in the clubhouse. They can be removed once you are on the court.

Per usual, everyone who is not part of a contract group – primarily clients of Shawn Holzmann – owes a $50 annual membership upon entering the club for the first time in the new season. Those with contract court time will have the $50 membership built into their invoice.

We look forward to seeing everyone very soon!

James and Matt

2021-2022 Opening and Health Protocols

Dear HVIT players:
The new indoor season at HVIT is rapidly approaching. Opening day is Sunday, October 3. Please remember to email us your CDC vaccination card or NYS Excelsior Pass prior to your first play. Without proof of full vaccination you will not be allowed into the facility. You may also bring in a copy at the time of your first play, but we worry that people may forget and will then be disappointed. 

Anyone in a contract group(s) will be presented with their annual invoice at the time of their first play. Please arrive a few minutes early to settle up. We accept cash, personal check and Zelle (similar to Venmo). Anyone who prefers to settle up before then just needs to email us and we will let them know what they owe and how to mail it (or Zelle it) to us. 

All court time is sold out for the upcoming season with the exception of Fridays from 2pm to 3pm. If someone would like to contract this time slot please email us back. 
Masks are required in the clubhouse at all times, but are not required once you are on the court. Both courts have been washed and scrubbed and look great. Please wear clean shoes into the club. 

A quick note to those members taking Shawn Holzmann’s clinics: his new season starts a week earlier than our official opening. We will be checking vaccination status for clinic members starting on September 27. Please remember to email it to us or bring it in with you. Your $50 annual membership will also be due on or before your first play of the season. We look forward to having a full, fun and safe season this fall/winter. We look forward to seeing all of you again.

James and Matt