Court Availability

The best way to book a court at HVIT is to email us at Remember, we have 2 courts! Hours are 8AM to 9PM, and there is open court time every day. Some blocks are tentative time for teaching or events. There are tips for reading the calendar at the bottom of this page. 

If you prefer to see one court at a time, look here & here.
(Click “Week” to see a week at a time. Note that we reserve the right to switch court assignments.)

Tips on reading the calendar (If in doubt, please email or call!):
The easiest way to see the schedule for a future date is:

  • Click the tab at the upper right that says “Month”
  • Using the indicator at the upper left near the date, move forward to the correct month
  • Switch back to  “Week” view
  • Booked time will now show up (we accept weekly bookings one week in advance).