Health and Safety for 2021-2022 Indoor Tennis Season at HVIT

Dear Members,

As most of you know, the health crisis we are going through can change rapidly based on variants, vaccinations and masking. We had noted in our last letter that we expected to have an almost “normal” indoor tennis season. However, as COVID adapts, so must we. Even for those who are vaccinated, there are some health risks. In addition, the science now indicates that an infected vaccinated person – even if asymptomatic – can pass along the disease. 

Here are the changes that will go into place on October 1, 2021:

-no one who is not vaccinated may enter the club. Unfortunately, this includes children under the age of 12 who are currently not cleared to be vaccinated. We hope that the CDC and FDA clear the way for younger children to be vaccinated soon and we will be able to welcome them back into the club. 

-when you first come to the club in the new season, you will be asked to bring proof of vaccination. Either your vaccination card or the NYS Excelsior Pass is acceptable. Please remember you are only fully vaccinated when you are two weeks past your last shot (whether it be the two-shot Pfizer and Moderna vaccines or the one-shot J&J vaccine). We will check it one time and you will be all set for the season. You may not play at the club after we re-open without providing evidence of vaccination. 

-while the clubhouse, restrooms and showers will be available to all members, we ask that no one linger in the enclosed clubhouse spaces longer than necessary. Please arrive just a minute or two before your appointed court time and then proceed directly onto the courts. We will be exchanging the air in the court building with our new fan/louver system as much as we can based on the weather. 

-masks must once again be worn in the clubhouse. Once you are on the courts you may remove them. The only exception would be while a person is in the shower. 

-members, unfortunately, will once again be asked to not be in the upper viewing area for the safety of our staff. We hope to be able to welcome you all up once COVID recedes again.

One final note: group/contract organizers, please send us how many plays each person in your group will have for the upcoming 30 week season or simply how you would like your seasonal contract billing to be divided. We would like to have everyone’s billing ready by September 1. 

Be well and stay safe,

Matt and James