HVIT Re-opening on Sunday, January 30

Dear Everybody,

There is both good news and bad news regarding local COVID cases since we wrote to everybody last Thursday about the temporary closure of HVIT. 

The total number of active cases in Ulster County is now actually higher than it was last Thursday (7,465 vs 6,622). In addition, there are more people in the hospital with COVID and the death rate has increased. That said, there is some indication that daily positive tests and the infection rate are both declining.This would follow the trend of many other parts of New York State.

We have heard from quite a number of you regarding your thoughts about remaining closed an additional week or re-opening. We thank each of you for your thoughts. 

Weighing all of the factors, we have decided to stay closed for one additional week. We believe that COVID numbers across the board will be lower on 1/30/22 and that we can all enjoy our tennis in a safer environment. We will re-open on Sunday, January 30. We will then remain open for the following 15 weeks. The new seasonal closing date will be Saturday, May 14. This will ensure everyone’s seasonal contract is for the full 30 weeks. Any weather related make-ups will be done the week of May 15-21. 

All other health precautions will remain in place for now. There are still about 10% of our active members who have not yet shown us proof of getting a booster dose of a COVID vaccine. When you have a moment, please email that to us. 

Thank you to everyone for their patience. This was a very difficult decision to make. We will begin seeing you all again in 10 days!

James and Matt