HVIT is closing due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Dear Members,

HVIT will be closing at the end of the day tomorrow (Friday, March 13, 2020) due to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 outbreak. We plan to be closed for three weeks. If we believe—based on New York State and CDC guidelines—that it is safe to re-open, we will do that on Sunday, April 5. However, it is much more likely that we will be closed until next year’s tennis season (October 2020). No one will be permitted on the premises during our closure.

We have been considering making this decision for seven to ten days. As those days have passed, it became increasingly clear to us that staying open was not in our members’ interest. As we stated in our email to all of you on Sunday, we have a particularly vulnerable core membership due to our demographics (players in their 60s and 70s are our two most significant age groups). 

Many of you are part of pre-paid contract groups at the club. We will figure out how much each of you will need to be refunded (or credited toward next season, if you prefer). We will wait to do this until we make a final decision regarding whether we will be re-opening on April 5 or whether we will be closed for the entire final six weeks of our season. 
We wish all of you the best of luck and good health during this difficult time. 

Be well. Stay safe.

James and Matt

Coronavirus and HVIT

Dear HVIT Members,

As I am sure you are all aware, we have a rapidly spreading new virus, COVID-19, taking hold in New York State. While we are not currently aware of any cases in the Hudson Valley, it does seem like just a matter of time before this highly contagious virus makes itself known in our area. 

We would like every one of you to help us implement some (hopefully) temporary precautions at Hudson Valley Indoor Tennis so that we can all stay safe and virus-free. 

-if you have a cough, a runny nose or are running a fever, please do not enter the club. Stay at home until you have been feeling better for quite a number of days. If you are part of a group and cannot find a substitute for yourself, let us know and we might be able to help. We will also be willing to give make-ups to any contract groups that cannot field a foursome (or twosome!) due to illness. We all have to put the safety of our community first. 

-James, Matt, Lori, Carl and Bill will be wiping down all clubhouse surfaces that are commonly touched several times a day with disinfectant. We need you all to do your part by making sure your hands are clean when you enter the club. If you are unsure, please use one of the sinks and wash them thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, making sure to include your fingertips and nails. We will be adding paper towels to both bathrooms. These should be used – rather than the hand dryers – until we are out of the woods. 

-we strongly recommend that new tennis balls are used for every match. We believe if we can all play with clean hands using clean balls it will help dramatically reduce exposure. Tennis balls that have been used over and over are much more likely to be problematic. 

-if your children play at the club or simply visit the clubhouse when you are playing, do not bring them to HVIT if they have been ill or in a school that has had COVID-19 exposure. While children appear to have no symptoms (or very mild ones) to the new virus, they are historically tremendous spreaders of disease due to their exposure to others in close quarters, lack of following protocols due to their age, etc. Everyone must put community safety first in order for all of us to get through it. 

We both believe that if everyone starts following these protocols now, then it will be much easier to follow them once the virus makes its way up here. Best case scenario, these precautions will help many of you from getting the old fashioned flu and seasonal colds. 

Please do not hesitate to email either of us if you have any questions of concerns. 

James and Matt